Lindsay and Mallory | Summer Lyons Farmette Wedding

Photos by Kate Merrill Photography

“We met on a fall weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire through the Appalachian Mountain Club. Lindsay didn’t have a car in Boston so she requested a ride with Mallory and her friend, picking her name randomly from a google doc. We both weren’t ready for a relationship then but after several more AMC events we ended up going on a date.”

Lindsay made the grave mistake of taking Mallory to a bar with a hockey game on so there wasn’t much eye contact throughout the evening. Despite the lack of eye contact, Mallory stalked Lindsay through Cambridge until they fell in love. After moving back to Mallory’s home state of Colorado and getting our fury baby during Covid; Lindsay decided Mallory was the one after 5 years of dating.

Knowing that Mallory loved surprises and that she is the hardest person in the world to surprise, Lindsay proposed by scheming with the Airbnb host on a road trip to Arkansas (the epicenter of queer love). 

So after 7 years, 3 states, 1 dog, and many adventures later Mallory is still giving Lindsay rides.


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