We’re excited to offer

Inclusivity Consulting from Nearlywed Coaching + LGBTQ I Do!

  • You are a Wedding Pro and Queer Ally that believes in, and is committed to the importance of inclusivity.
  • You are ready to increase your efforts to be inclusive of couples of all identities but are not exactly sure where or how to start.
  • You would like a personal and non-judgemental support system to help you navigate this journey and gain tangible and meaningful action steps.
  • You are excited to learn, grow, and find ways to be inclusive from an authentic and intentional place that reflects the beliefs, values, and mission of your business.
  • You are a Colorado wedding vendor ready to join LGBTQ I Do as a listed LGBTQIA+ inclusive vendor.
  • One-on-one support to discuss your inclusivity goals and what has been holding you back. This could be fear of doing the wrong thing, concern of being performative, or just unsure of where to start, etc.
  • A deep dive into your mission and your values as a business, and how you can increase inclusivity through this lens.
  • A customized plan with consistent and intentional action steps you can implement that are authentic to who you are.
  • If you are a venue- a walkthrough of the physical space with suggestions for increased inclusivity implementation and action steps.
  • A free one-year listing on LGBTQ I DO to connect with Queer couples seeking vendors who are prioritizing inclusivity, as well as assistance completing your LGBTQ I Do member profile.

Who We Are:

Tirzah Stein – Nearlywed Coaching

Inclusivity Consulting with NearlyWed Coaching was created from a need Tirzah saw when she was planning her own wedding as Queer person in 2019. 

Now as a wedding professional herself, she is passionate about being a part of changing the heteronormative culture of the wedding industry. 

Inclusivity consulting is a personal support system helping wedding pro’s to authentically increase their inclusivity efforts to welcome, affirm, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ couples and create an industry where couples of all identities can feel safe, seen, respected and celebrated! 

Jennie Crate – LGBTQ I Do

LGBTQ I Do was created to help queer couples in Colorado navigate the wedding planning process with confidence and joy. We are a resource of Colorado – based wedding vendors that happily service the LGBTQ+ community.

We believe that all couples deserve to be seen, accepted, and celebrated on their wedding day. We want to help LGBTQ+ couples navigate the process as easily and painlessly as possible.

Inclusivity Consulting