Picnic Proposal | Angela and Nikki

Photos by Wild and Found Photography

It took a little time for Angela (she/her) and Nikki (she/her) to get their first date planned, but once they did, they both knew that was it. Angela had just had a tonsillectomy but Nikki was adamant about bringing her smoothies to help her feel better and that small caring gesture turned into three and a half hours of getting to know each other. The months that followed brought so many fun dates together, from dancing at clubs to traveling to fun places, and it didn’t take long for these two to know they belonged together.

Angela decided to propose and was thinking about it for quite some time before reaching out to me. Ultimately we narrowed down her selection to planning a short hike to a beautiful picnic setup where she could pop the question. She wanted to make sure Nikki wouldn’t suspect anything so we planned it near  to where they live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and tried to make sure everything appeared to be just a normal Saturday date activity.

When the big day arrived, the weather was certainly making things seem questionable, but Angela knew she wasn’t going to let a little rain or fog get in the way of the special day she had worked so hard to plan. She was ready to make things official with Nikki, and she knew Nikki felt the same!

I arrived early and setup some faux flame tea light candles leading down a path to a picnic setup with letters saying “Marry Me” and string lights surrounding it. Then stepped back to hide behind the trees as much as possible and blend in as a fellow hiker. 

When the couple arrived, Nikki could not have been more shocked. Angela did a great job of keeping her questions at bay so that the whole thing would be a huge surprise. 

On top of all this, Angela had planned one of the most romantic proposal gestures I’ve seen in my time as a proposal photographer—she had a song written just for Nikki and about their engagement and upcoming marriage. She had the song downloaded on her phone and played it for her before getting down on one knee. 

After the big question was asked and answered (YES! Of course), they enjoyed some celebratory drinks, and we took some engagement photos to document the occasion. It was truly a special day!

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