Fort Collins Engagement | Emma and Flash

Photography by Sonja K Photography

Emma and Flash originally wanted to do their engagement photos in a spooky mountain Colorado ghost town, but since we began chatting and planning at the beginning of the pandemic, their session got postponed so many times it was a literal year later until we could meet up, and by then they were wanting more of a cottage core/vintage vibe, which was so fun to create!

We got permission to photograph inside the Fort Collins Avery House, and then finished their session outside in the beautiful gardens as the sun went down. Emma and Flash just bought their first home in northern Colorado, and have an adorable pup named Popcorn. I did ask them a few questions before their session and here is what they had to say:

What are your favorite animals?
Emma’s is a bunny or a red panda
Flash’s is monkey (they also love Fat Bear Week)

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Emma – a Practical Magic-esque house in the countryside of either England or France. Being feared by the local village children is a goal of mine.
Flash – in a quaint English village.

They love to cook together, read together, watch cooking competition shows together, thrift shop, get coffee, and play OG Nancy Drew computer games, but I’m honestly shocked that “staring into each others’ eyes” wasn’t a favorite pastime, since the chemistry between these two humans was palpable. Cheers to their wedding in 2024!

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