Amberly and Jay | Leadville, CO

Photography by Ivy Bencheck Portraits

“We had our first date on April 8th, 2022. While the timing was quick we couldn’t help but fall in love with each other and keep falling in love more and more as time passed. We both got each other flowers on our first date, we constantly are always on the same wavelength about everything and challenge each other to always do better. We are each other’s biggest advocates and best friends. Time can fly but with each other each moment is another memory we cherish.” 

Upon meeting Amberly and Jay via Zoom, as promised, the couple signed in wearing matching sweaters they got on their second date while exploring a small quaint town in Colorado. They bought them together and in their inquiry form told me about how corny it felt but how cute they felt matching. Their love was immediate, it was natural and they knew they had found the missing goof ball in their lives. I instantly had a connection with these two, they are so much fun, easy going, and love to do things a little differently. For their engagement session we decided to eat pizza and do the chicken dance… not the entire time obviously, but for a good majority of it. 

“Ivy picked out the perfect spot for our engagement photos and the whole session perfectly encompassed who we are as a couple. Get you a photographer that will do a photo shoot at a lake in the mountains and then at a pizza place. Very happy with the results!” -Amberly

We were in Twin Lakes to begin our playful and exciting engagement portraits. In the early Winter, we got cold quickly and safely drove up to Leadville to warm up and chow down. Digesting a bit downtown to finish our session, some call it a walk about and I’d say we slayed. 

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