Kim J Beauty

Hi I’m Kim…. :)

​I am a hair and makeup artist based in Denver. I help all couples that love natural no fuss makeup and romantic flowy hair… You will not see prom hair and overly contoured makeup that make you look like a different person. I make you look like yourself just bummed up a smidge. You need to look like you in person and on camera.

I love couples that do weddings and elopements that really focus on their own personal love and style. I love to make couples at ease and taken care of. I set the tone for the whole day. Whether you are a quiet introvert and need a little push to what looks best for you or loud over the top extrovert that needs to be reeled in. I got you! You need me to keep you calm under the most amazing day of your lives.

I pride myself on being on time, fast and efficient.. Think of me as the Amazon Prime of hair and makeup :) (Amazon which I’m addicted to).

If you think we can make magic together and you want to become my new best friend and lastly you want to see a lot of smiley faces in my messages, let’s chat!


Fun Facts

Where did you grow up? How long have you been in Colorado?
I grew up in Colorado… proud to be a native – Grew up in Denver and Littleton

Sweet or Salty?
How do I choose… Sweet drinks and salty snacks

Favorite genre to read?
Fantasy – who doesn’t love Harry Potter

Favorite movie?
Breakfast club

Favorite TV show at the moment?
Netflix Magicians

Favorite kind of music/ favorite artist?
This is hard.. I can’t live without music … I’m all over the board Lauren Daigle, Dua Lipa , 90’s and chill mood muis, but also anything acoustic

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working?
Family is everything to me.. So I’m with them.. Usually outside, roller skating, driving and exploring parks and sleep! I love my sleep​

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