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Love is meant to be celebrated. Hands down. It doesn’t matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, or your ethnicity/race. Every single couple deserves an epic wedding day experience. I am so humbled to have a career where I can celebrate diversity and share it with the world the way it should be shared. 
I believe that capturing any wedding or elopement is so much more than just showing up and documenting your day. It’s what comes before that, and what comes after that.  The details & planning that I love helping my couples with. I want to give every couple an amazing experience from start to finish. No matter how big or small of a wedding you are planning.
Who am I? I am your wedding day bestie with a camera. I will bring the calm to the chaos. While I strive to capture some the most epic photos of the two of you, I strive even harder to make your wedding day that much more memorable from the time you hire me until your photos are delivered. Bring on the wedding day hustle! I am 100% here for it and 100% here for the two of you! 

Fun Facts

How would you describe your photography style? 
I think the best word thats been used to describe my photographic style from one of my past couples is “Nostalgic”. 

When I am working a wedding, I am working to document these irreplaceable moments.  When you look at an image I take, I want you to be able to re-live that moment. Re-feel those feelings you felt in that moment. Because when you think about it, a picture truly is just a memory you can hold in your hand. And memories should bring you all of the feels.

Where did you grow up? How long have you been in Colorado? 
I’m originally from Dallas, TX.. I  moved to Colorado as soon as I possibly could. I have always wanted to live here since I was a kid. The Mountains just make me a full on happier person. So I ended up going to school at CSU Pueblo for a little bit back in 2011. Then had to move back to Texas after 1 year and I swore as soon as I was finished with school I would be back. In 2015 I made that happen and have been here ever since!

Sweet or Salty? 
A healthy mix of both. 

Favorite movie?
I am a big fan of 90s movies. Forest Gump, My Girl, Jack, Double Jeopardy, As Good as it Gets, Fried Green Tomatoes, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken… So many I definitely couldn’t pick just one! 

Favorite TV show at the moment?
I can’t get enough of A Million Little Things on ABC and Chicago Fire/PD on NBC

Favorite kind of music/ favorite artist?
I listen to all sorts of Music. From heavy metal and rock music (I’ll full on rock out to some Deftones and Bullet for my Valentine) to newer country and pop… And yes, I was totally obsessed with Taylor Swift’s Folklore album when it released. WHO WASN’T?!!?

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working?
​I love visiting new places! I have yet to go out of the country and of course, got my passport February of 2020. (Talk about horrible timing) But as soon as we can travel out of the country safely again, I will be seeing the world! Otherwise you can find me hiking and exploring Colorado, going out and trying new restaurants as much as possible (I am a big foodie and literally can eat my weight in Mexican food or Sushi), and binge watching my favorite TV shows!

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