Virginia and Kadie’s Woods Styled Elopement- Shoot

Photographed by Kelly of In Love and Adventure

From Kelly:
We wanted to do a styled shoot including a LGBTQ+ couple. We want all couples to feel safe, and respected when they come to our website, and know we are inclusive of all love. So, Kelly reached out on a local Facebook page, asking if there were any LGBTQ+ couples interested in playing dress up, and getting some cool photos out of it! I had so many couples reach out. The LGBTQ+ community is AMAZING. I was so grateful and overwhelmed by the support I received through the FB messenger app. So many couples wanting to help, so many couples wanting to be a part of something so important. Virginia and Kadie made my job easy. They were so in love, so playful, and so happy to be helping out a fellow photographer in their community.

I knew the style and vision of the styled shoot right away. It was easy. Our brand is photography for adventurous couples in love. So, what else other than a backpacking styled elopement? Being adventurers ourselves, we already had all the “details” needed for the shoot. Backpacks, hiking boots, a personal leather journal that acted as a vow book, two cardboard cutouts written with black marker, “Just Married”, and decided last minute to wrap it up with a champagne toast. Virginia and Kadie even showed up with what ended up being the most important detail, rainbow pride socks. Eager to show off their pride socks and hiking boots, and to eventually pop some champagne, we spent the day hiking around a local reservoir, and ended the night with some cool headlamp shots. It all came together perfectly.

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