Skating Couple’s Session in Salida

Photos by Ivy Bencheck Portraits

From Ivy:

“What I loved about working with these two was their willingness to have all the candid fun! My favorite thing was when I asked them to put on some sunglasses because it was so bright and Stacy says, “but then you won’t see the love in our eyes.” You’re absolutely right Stacy but I think we’ll be ok.

Stacy recently created the most awesome skate shop and clubhouse for kids and teens and adults to learn how to skate, have a safe place to go after school and on weekends. She gives them an outlet to be artistic and creative. I’m so happy she found Salida and made her way to business owner!”

You can check out the skate shop and clubhouse here:

The vibes of this shoot are uber cool, so scroll on down and take a look.

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