Shelby and Dana’s Garden of the Gods Proposal

Photographed by Lucy Schultz Photography

In Lucy’s words:

Shelby (they/them) planned a romantic proposal for their girlfriend Dana (she/her) at Garden of the Gods.

The two were on vacation to Colorado and Shelby just knew that Dana would fall in love with the massive red rock fins. They had a ring box custom engraved with the date of their proposal and their last name to be, and we planned out a location away from the busiest areas of the popular park.

It was easy to see them coming as Dana’s pink hair could probably be seen from space! When Shelby led Dana to the rocky overlook where I was waiting, they were both overcome with emotion.

Shelby got down on their knee and asked Dana to spend the rest of her life with them and she said YES!

Even the sky started crying! The drizzle only dampened their cozy sweaters as their spirits remained high!

Together they kept hugging and squealing and ohmygosh-ing and most of all LAUGHING! The newly engaged pair adventured all over rocks and took in all the views of the park for some just engaged portraits. The rainy weather meant they had it all to themselves, and when we broke out the clear umbrellas they only got more silly and adorable, playing in the rain.

As I photographed the ring box on a nearby cactus, Shelby quipped that their engagement meant they had gone “From Cacti to Cactus.” They had me rolling! It was truly like hanging out with friends I’d known forever.

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