Guest Blogger – Matt Ritscher

Colorado Same Sex Wedding photographer –  New Hope Photography

Matt’s Take:
​​Weddings are stressful. There is no way around this. Most people have built up this day in their minds for years and have certain expectations. The family has expectations, and so do friends (although with friends it is usually good food and drinks).

Over the years I have learned to craft little intimate moments for my couples so that they have time to enjoy each other during their wedding day. When I meet with couples, I tell them that I make at least three times during the schedule that we get to go out and get photos without anyone else. Usually with each of these moments, once I finish, I’ll head out giving them a few minutes together. Because to me, marriage is about being married more than getting married.

One of my favorite times to take my couples out is after the ceremony, and the speeches and all the stressful parts are done. Most weddings this falls perfectly for Golden Hour and not only is the light perfect, but emotions are perfect. So many times this is when we get the best photos.

A few months back I was shooting an intimate wedding in Rhode Island. This was an amazing wedding with Tanis and Alicia on a quiet little farm in the middle of nowhere. This has been one of my favorite weddings because of how close everyone who was there was. They even had a good friend fly out and surprise them which was an amazing moment. Every flower, light, and detail of this day was perfectly planned and in such an intimate and relaxed way.

During their first dance, they had such perfect several minutes. It seemed as though they were in a world by themselves, all the while being surrounded by family and friends. So, this time I had a new idea. When the time came for us to get out and go get these photos, I took them to a secluded spot in the woods and all I said was “Sing your first dance song to each other.” This is what we created.

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Matt’s Bio:
I am a Colorado Native. When not out taking photos, I am probably watching The Office and editing. When not focused on creating media, I am in my garage working on a project bike (bicycle) or doing woodworking. I have a dog that has more energy than Tesla, and neither my wife or I have the energy to wear him out. I am always in search for the next best gif. (Is it pronounced with a J? That’s silly). I’ll share my favorite if you ask. I will do anything to create an epic photo, and I have done many crazy things to make them. So if you are up for the challenge, let’s create together. 

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