Engagement at Red Rocks | Liz and Tasha

Photos by Crystaline Photography and Video

From Liz:

“Tasha and I met online during COVID and found we had a ton in common. From favorite music, life stories, and kids in similar ages – we gave it a chance and never looked back. We became best friends and have grown together. Tasha proposed to me at our favorite music venue Red Rocks to what we call our song “Hero” by Said the Sky. This song has defined us and our future together.

We planned our wedding to be exactly 3 years from the day we met in person, June 4th 2020 to June 4th 2023. We wanted it to be as close to Red Rocks as possible to continue to incorporate our spot in the photos. We are excited to official be a blended family come this summer, our family is truly a little world created by love.”  

And a little bit more from Jamie of Crystaline Photography and Video – 

“I loved hearing Liz and Tasha’s origin story and how photos taken at the Said the Sky concert when Tasha proposed to Liz went viral on Instagram. Because I knew how important Red Rocks Amphitheater was to their story I suggested we start their engagement/family photos at Mt. Falcon Park. This was so we could get the rock formations in the background, but also to give them a little bit of a different view of the venue. After we took some photos at Mt. Falcon Park, we also drove over to the amphitheater to get more of a close-up view.

The couple also wanted to change into their concert going jerseys that they were wearing the night of the proposal to recreate some of those shots. I had a great time photographing them and their children. Meeting their kids and working with them was also great practice for how things will go at the big event in June! The boys have a lot of energy which is defiantly going to keep us on our toes for the wedding! Looking forward to their Willow Ridge Manor wedding this summer!”

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