COLORADO Gay Wedding Stevi and Katy

Check out Gorgeous Stevi and Katy anD their lovely Wedding day! 

We loved this elopement-style backyard event in the Boulder Colorado area from Christina Kiffney! Check out their lovely boho dresses, and the love that they shared!

Stevi & Katy
Katy and Stevi met while they were living in Bozeman MT. They officially met while working together in a small startup, but did not really know each other out of the company, until Stevi mentioned that she was looking to find a someone to fill an empty room in her house, which Katy promptly took. Soon after Katy moved in and late night talks in the kitchen they realized how much they had in common, and a wonderful relationship was formed. After spending four years traveling, moving and working together Katy proposed on Christmas day while they were visiting Stevi’s family in the south of England for the holidays and chose to have the wedding the following March in the small rustic bohemian mountain town of Jamestown, just out of Boulder CO. The ceremony was held in their back garden with a firepit for warmth, surrounded by their friends and family gathered on the patio with one of Stevi’s oldest friend marrying them. When the ceremony ended everyone wandered over to the Jamestown Mercantile where a wonderful evening unfolded with amazing food, company and plenty of dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

Jamestown Mercantile Co. Cafe
Christina Kiffney Photography

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