Atlas Theater

Kelly (owner): she/her/hers
Adam (manager): he/him/his

Instagram: @atlastheatercolorado

Owner: Kelly
We are proud to offer the most unique, affordable, and transformable space in Northern Colorado. The Atlas Theater’s staff is committed to making your event perfect. We are a fully inclusive space. We can’t wait to celebrate you and your partner exactly as you are! For nine years we’ve restored a once-forgotten building in downtown Greeley, Colorado. Every element of our space has been lovingly rebuilt by the hands of local artists. Recently, we added a big “backyard” with a gabion fence and a hand-cut stone labyrinth. Our building is not just a building, it is an extension of the community we love. Our staff is composed of LGBTQ community members and allies. We celebrate all couples. We have crafted an open and inclusive space where you will feel honored and celebrated from the planning to the final toast. We are thrilled to be a part of your story.

Manager: Adam
As a lifelong ally it’s really important for me to make sure that everyone knows they are loved and accepted. I have been in a lot of spaces that do not make that effort. I am committed to changing that. At Atlas, everyone is family. Everyone belongs.

Fun Facts

How would you describe your venue’s style?
Our  business started as a community project. Several folks in Greeley found a building in need of a LOT of love, and over the past
10-ish years we have been creating an art project. That’s how it feels. Our space is designed to welcome everyone who walks in the doors. For me (Kelly, the owner) one of the biggest goals is that it would never just be a business, but it would be the heart and hub of community. I am proud to say we are well on our way to doing that! 

Where did you grow up? How long have you been in Colorado?
Kelly: I am originally from Wyoming, but moved here for college and ended up staying. I love Greeley with all my heart. After almost 20 years here I will tell you that it is one of the best kept secrets in Colorado. I think that most people have a “South Park” idea of Greeley (the opposite of Hawaii) but the people here are kind and never pretentious, and our downtown has so many dedicated business owners working their guts out to make Greeley amazing.  

Adam: I grew up in Greeley, and I’ve been here my whole life. My family is from Hawaii and so I love to go “home” to Hawaii, too

Sweet or Salty?
Kelly: Both! I love that cracker/caramel/butter/chocolate thing that people bring to cookie parties… it’s the perfect blend of salty and sweet (and regret the next day) 

Adam: Salty – li hing mui – dried plums covered in salt

Favorite genre to read?
Kelly: Ohhhh… I hate to tell you this! So, my “day job” is I am a history professor (My specialty is LGBTQ history!) and so I love nerdy non-fiction. Currently reading: Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity” by C. Riley Snorton. 

Adam: Non fiction also.

Favorite TV show at the moment?
Kelly: Re-watching Schitt’s Creek and the West Wing

Adam: Big Mouth

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working?
Kelly: I love to ski, play board games with my kids, and walk my tiny dog on the UNC campus (a 9 lb chihuahua named Rigby)

Adam: I take care of my baby. I love to watch him progress during tummy time. 

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