Amberly and Jay’s Pines at the Genesee Wedding

Photography by Ivy Bencheck Portraits

From their photographer:

“Amberly and Jay’s chemistry is something I cherish. Especially on their wedding day, I love how they embraced their needs. 

5 things I loved about their wedding:
1) They got ready together
2) They read their vows privately 
3) Their officiant stood to the side in front of them so they were able to look at their guests the whole time
4) They had a morning ceremony and brunch! Love this idea!
5) They included safe and inclusive language in their ceremony

Bonus: I loved how open minded they were to exploring the venue. It was early November and even though it was sunny and blue skies, there was a blanket of snow in the Pines. But, Amberly took off her heels, changed into my white Doc Martens platform boots that I happened to have in my Subaru parked conveniently close, and we trekked through the snow to capture the most amazing portraits of them. I did however have to hold onto Jay when they were walking through the winter wonderland with their dancing shoes on. 

You may be thinking, well who wants to boogie down at 3pm? Isn’t that a little early? Not for this crowd. They understood said assignment. “

Wedding Venue:  @thepinesbywedgewoodweddings

Florals: @julesflowertruck 

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